We offer service from a small but motivated, dynamic team, who operate from our well-equipped workshops, and have several years collective 'Technical Experience' under their belts. We are led by highly experienced, professionally-minded Directors, who both value integrity above all else when doing business - YOUR NEEDS are our calling.

We aspire to maintain a leading role in IT in Bulawayo, where we have been situated for 6 years; with a view of expanding the bounds in due course. Our aim is to always offer "Quality Service to Quality Customers" to the best of our collective abilities.

Asus of Thailand is arguably the leading Hardware Manufacturer Globally, and operate a strict policy of insisting that any component claimed under Warranty must be returned to them for a thorough Laboratory Investigation. Accordingly, Asus offers the best Warranty Policy of all manufacturers Globally.

CompuPro is the Leading Official Bulawayo Re-seller of ASUS branded products, representing Microman, the appointed Zimbabwean Importer-Distributor.

We carry a vast variety of IT stock and consumables for client convenience. Locally we generally can procure products in two working days, and import about once a month.

Our sister-division Kilwick Logistics ensures timorous procurements of what arguably are the top brands in the IT business, which we then offer to our customers at fair market-related prices.

Most importantly, WE LISTEN to our customer, assessing their needs, and adapting to best serve them as dynamically as practical.